Mascot Moments Top 10 Party Tips

1. The most important thing is to employ an excellent entertainment company, who will entertain the kids and take stress away from the parents. Booking a company who provides the whole party package is perfect for a stress free party.


2. Book your party at least two months in advance to avoid not getting the party package you would like. Most good companies get booked in advance.


3. When booking the venue check how many children it is licensed to hold. This can be important if you have a large party.


4. Time the party around your child, a younger child might be better to have a party before or after their nap time.


5. Send invitations at least 4 weeks in advance, so that the parents can plan.


6. Theme your party around your child’s favorite character/animal, this makes the party extra special for the birthday child.


7. Order sweet cones or party bags, most companies do these at very reasonable prices and it takes the hassle out of it for you, Or maybe a small gift for each child instead.


8. Some simple party food is enough, you don’t need to over cater. Food boxes have proved very popular, simply a sandwich, bag of fruit, pack of crisps and a treat.


9. Have some refreshments for the parent’s who choose to stay, and maybe ask them to bring a pack lunch for the siblings they may have to bring, this saves you catering for more children.


10. Additional extras such as mascot appearances can make the party extra special!

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